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Terms & Conditions

The person who makes an order at Aphrodonis Media must have reached the age of 18, otherwise the guardian’s approval of the purchase is required.

Delivery time

All our products are sent from our warehouse in Sweden (Alingsås, 44191)

  • If your product is in stock it will be sent within 1 – 2 working days after the order has been made. It will be sent with DHL or UPS and it takes 1-2 working days to arrive
  • If you have ordered an order item it usually takes 10 working days to arrive to our warehouse. It can take longer but normally you will receive your order within 14 working days.


Not collected parcels.

When a product is sent from our warehouse you will receive a confirmation by text message with the tracking number

When you make an order at Aphrodonis Media there is an added charge for delivery 5,9EURO this charge will not get credited if you return the product.
If you don’t pick up the parcel and it is returned to us there is charge of 15 EURO  if you want us to resend it to you.
If you don’t want your product there is an extra charge of 8 EURO. This amount will be deducted from the refund.


Changed your mind and want to return your product. 

We are grateful for each order but we know that you sometimes change your mind and want to return the product. There is always 14 days withdrawal period.
If you change your mind please contact us at We will send you all the information you need to return the product and a return form.

Please return the product with all the documents like the warranty booklet, the box etc.
Clothes can be tried on but cannot be used or washed, no stains, marks, damages or anything else that would cause the clothes to be nonsalable. 
The withdrawal period does not apply to hygiene products that are not specially sealed, like under wear and jewellery. 
Watches can be tried on but not used to avoid scratches and damages. The wristband must be the same size as when delivered, you cannot return a watch where the wristband has been adjusted. We are not taking responsibility for a watch that is returned as new but is used by the customer. 
If you have repaired or changed the watch in any way it is not returnable. Please note that this is applicable to the withdrawal period not a complaint about damaged goods at delivery.

When you make an order at Aphrodonis Media there is an added charge for delivery 5,9 EURO this charge will not get credited if you return the product.
If you don’t pick up the parcel and it is returned to us there is charge of 15 EURO  if you want us to resend it to you.
If you don’t want your product there is an extra charge of 8 EURO. This amount will be deducted from the refund.


Delivery of wrong product.

You need to contact us immediately If you have ordered the wrong product or if you have received the wrong product. Please contact us at We will sort out the problem for you.
Please note! Certain colours can be hard to detect on a picture due to a flash is used etc, this means that a slight difference can appear between the colour on the picture and the colour on the product in reality.


Damaged product

If your product is broken or damaged at delivery please contact us immediately at Aphrodonis Media’s customer service 

The withdrawal period is 14 days for unused products. We need a picture of the broken product in order for us to help you in the best possible way.
If something happens with your product after 14 days you should of course contact us so we can decide what needs to be done. It is important that you email us a picture of the broken product. Please send a clear picture of the faulty part as we cannot see the problem with the watch if it’s not clear and if there is a reflection on the picture. If you discover a fault with your watch and continue to use it, we cannot then be responsible for any damages that might happen to the watch. 
If your product has a fault that is covered by the warranty after you have started to use the product, then the product will get repaired. If it’s not possible to repair it you will get a new product or a similar product if the original product is not in stock. You will get a refund only after 2 repairs have been made and the same problem exists. 


Shipping charge

When you make an order at Aphrodonis Media there is an added charge for delivery 5,9 EURO this charge will not get credited if you return the product.
If you don’t pick up the parcel and it is returned to us there is charge of 15 EURO  if you want us to resend it to you.
If you don’t want your product there is an extra charge of 8 EURO. This amount will be deducted from the refund



If a used product is damaged and the warranty covers the damage then the product should be repaired.
If it cannot get repaired we will offer a new product if it’s still in stock.
If the product is not still in stock we will offer a similar model.
Return of money ONLY APPLIES if none of the above alternatives are available.
Please note. We will NOT return you money after a purchase of a watch if we have already given you credit for adjusting the wristband or change of battery (if it’s done 14 days after delivery of the product. 


The Aphrodonis Media’s website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on the visitor's computer and are possible to use to track what the visitor does on the site.
There are two main types of cookies: 1) A permanent cookie remains on the visitor's computer for a specified time. 2) A session cookie is temporarily stored in the computer's memory while a visitor is on a web page. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

How are cookies used?
Aphrodonis Media uses cookies to improve the site for the visitor eg. by customizing the site according to the visitor's wishes, choices and interests, they can help you to keep track of the items you added to your shopping basket,  handle your purchase, ensure that the visitor is logged in to the site and thereby not having to log in again when any new page are visted during the same session, to be able to customize our services so that you get advertisements relevant to you and to fulfil our commitments during a purchase.
Permanent cookies are used, for example, to store your personal preferences at Aphrodonis Media, so you do not have to make certain choices every time you visit the site,  to customize and make information and marketing as relevant as possible to you. Session cookies are used, for example, for registering statistics about the use of the site.
By agreeing to Aphrodonis Media’s General Terms and / or this Privacy Policy and using Aphrodonis Media’s website, you agree to the processing of cookies as stated herein. If you do not accept cookies, you can turn off cookies in your browser's security settings. You can also set up the browser so that you get a query every time Aphrodonis Media’s website tries to place a cookie on your computer.  Previously stored cookies can also be deleted through the browser,  see the browser's help pages for more information. Furthermore, you can manually delete cookies from your hard drive at any time.

How do you remove cookies?
If you no longer wish to use cookies, you can turn off cookies in the settings of your browser. You can also set the browser to be prompted every time Aphrodonis Media’s website tries to place a cookie on your computer. You can also use your browser to delete previously stored cookies.

How to delete cookies depends on which browser you are using.
If you are using a PC, cookies can be removed by using the [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [Delete] shortcut.
If it does not work or if you are using a MAC, click on the link for the browser you are using:
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Flash cookies
Please note that if you choose not to use cookies, the functionality of certain parts of the site is limited. You can’t make a purchase, for example.



We at Aphrodonis Media want to make you feel safe about how we handle the personal information you leave when you visit our website. All information we collect is in accordance with the Data Inspection Regulations (PuL = Personal Data Act). More information is available on the Inspectorate's website. To be able to shop with us, we need information about your name, address and phone number. This information is never disclosed to a third party but is used only by Aphrodonis Media and partners involved in the execution of your order.
We at Aphrodonis Media treat all information that you leave from us on a purchase on our website with maximum respect. We use your information only to complete your order. Your credit card information is only managed by a financial institution in a secure encrypted connection.

Privacy Policy

Personal data
Aphrodonis Media protects your personal privacy and strives to always protect your personal information in the best possible way. It is the goal of Aphrodonis Media to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal data protection. This policy will help you to understand what kind of information Aphrodonis Media collects and how it is used. By agreeing to the policy on the site at the time of the purchase or disclosure of data, you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the below.
Dealsson Media Group Ltd. / HE330860 Cyprus is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

What personal data do we process?
We will process the personal data you provide or submitted to us or we have collected from the site through cookies. The personal data that Aphrodonis Media handles is your name, gender, e-mail address, purchase, payment and order history, payment and credit card number, shipping address, IP address and phone number.

How do we use your personal information?
The data can be used for identification, direct marketing, customer surveys, newsletters and for statistical purposes. The information can also be used for mail, text and e-mail, as well as for marketing and information by telephone, unless you object to this. You can contact us at any time to cancel marketing.
The data can also be used to analyse shopping habits to provide you with relevant information and marketing as well as to improve site, payment solutions and payment processes. 
In order to improve payment solutions and payment processes your personal information may be include in transfers to other companies within Aphrodonis Media Group and third party suppliers to be included as an analytical basis. The personal data can then also be combined with data from other registers, eg. credit data.
The use of the data may interlink with other records, both inside and outside the EU and your personal data may be transferred to and processed by other companies within Aphrodonis Media Group for the above mentioned purposes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The data may also be collated or shared with authorities or our partners for eg. printing and distribution, as well as payment intermediaries and credit companies for payment or credit information. Aphrodonis Media always maintains caution on such occasions.
By accepting the policy on the site at the time of the purchase or disclosure of data, you agree that your personal data is transferred to non-EEA countries.
If all or part of Aphrodonis Media’s activities are sold or integrated with other activities, your personal information may be disclosed to our advisors, potential buyers and their advisors and will be forwarded to the new owner of the business.

How do we protect your personal information?
In order to keep the personal data we process safely, we have taken several security measures: We have implemented security practices and technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information such as web browser certification. In addition, we have appropriate firewalls and antivirus software to protect and prevent unauthorized access to the network. Access to the areas where personal data are stored is limited and employees need to be identified for access.
Aphrodonis Media also uses of SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a protocol for secure data transfer over the Internet (or other networks). You as a customer need to make sure that SSL is not turned off in the browser settings. One-way encryption is also used to prevent unauthorized access when processing your payment or credit card number. 

How long will my personal information be saved?
If you agree to be a registered customer / member at Aphrodonis Media your information will be saved until you unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe at any time as a customer. If you do not register as a customer / member, your data will be stored for as long as necessary by law requirements or for fulfilling Aphrodonis Media’s commitments to you, eg. to meet delivery and warranty commitments.
Your data is stored no longer than permitted by applicable personal data law.

Access to , update and correction of your personal information.
You have the right to receive, once per calendar year, free information about the personal data processed about you, regardless of how they were collected. If you want such information, please submit a written request to us. The request must be submitted by registered post to the address stated on the site in accordance with the applicable personal data law. It can’t be sent by e-mail.
Aphrodonis Media wants to ensure that your personal information is accurate and updated. If any of the information you submitted to Aphrodonis Media changes, such as If you change your email address, name or payment details or if you want to cancel your user account, please send Aphrodonis Media correct information by sending an email to: Aphrodonis Media. You are entitled at any time to request that the personal information be corrected, blocked or deleted.
Your personal information is not processed for direct marketing purposes if you oppose such treatment. You are entitled to revoke any consent for processing personal data at any time. Such recall may be limited to only part of the treatment, such as direct marketing.

The site may contain links to other sites. This Privacy Policy applies only to the site. When you get  linked to another site, read the privacy policy that applies to that page. Please note that Aphrodonis Media is not responsible for the processing of your personal information by other websites.

Changes to the intergovernmental policy.
Aphrodonis Media reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time to the extent that the changes are necessary to correct interference or to meet new legal or technical requirements. All changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on the site.

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